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Thread: anybody has tried use CF/SD TO IDE adaptor as harddisk?

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    anybody has tried use CF/SD TO IDE adaptor as harddisk?

    I am living in a cold place, the temp can easily drop to -20. There are couple solutions for me to choose the harddisk for my carpc
    1st SSD, which is too expensive
    2nd Normal HD capable work at low temp.
    3rd use CF/SD TO IDE adapter as harddisk.
    I m concerned about the Writting, reading speed, OS booting ability and The format cus CF is FAT32, Normal HD is NTFS
    I attached a picture of the adaptor

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    One thing you might want to keep in mind is the read/write cycle limitation of flash memory. Normal read/write limits are 10,000 to 100,000. after that the data in the flash can corrupt, kind of like a failing hard drive.

    Flash memory works by causing a spark (flash) to jump a small air gap inside the chip. The spark puts charge onto a transistor that holds the bit information. Each time flash memory is written, those sparks degrade the contacts on each side of the air gap. Eventually, just like spark plugs, the gap does not spark properly or reliably.

    Because of your temperature requirements, flash is one of your only options. Just realize you are going to have to buy a new flash drive and re-install 1-2 times per year.

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    With EWF there won't be any write cycles on the flash memory. No damage -> no need to buy new flash drives every now and then.

    Just install Windows on a harddisk, configure it for in-car use. Then copy it to the CF and protect it with EWF.

    How to do this exactly is mentioned in the thread posted by Machinehead.

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    very useful information guys, I will definitely try the CF to IDE adapter first, If does not work smoothly.I might just pick a 4Gb solid stated HD for windows xp and a normal HD for music, programs and so.

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