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Thread: Alarm Pager (delay time)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abbbe View Post
    1. Can the 0.01uf capacitor be substituted as im having a hard time finding them?

    2. Does the voltage on the capacitors make a big difference as some are 16v and others are 25v...etc?
    1. Sorry, I don't know. Don't have the time myself to figure it out. If I had to guess I would say a similar value cap would do. BTW 0.01uF is the same as 10nF, is the same as 10000pF in case you can find labeled that way.

    2. Since you're putting this in a car, you'll want capacitors (and the diode) rated fairly high for voltage. Voltage in a car can spike and do all sorts of crazy things. 16V should work (initially, at least). But I'd stick with at least 25V.

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    Haha yeah astable/monostable is what I meant.

    And the diode is definitely not needed for a simple counter circuit... I've done plenty. I have an electronics class second period and we use timers for EVERYTHING. I also just came back from Calgary -- winning first place in Canada for Skills Canada -- category of Electronics.

    In general, for a timer circuit, you do not need a diode.

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    Wow thanks for all the replies everyone, just when I though you had all given up on me.

    I mate the circuit but im not getting any delay.

    As soon as power is connected the relay is activated like im connecting it directly to the power.

    Any ideas

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