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    Drawer Console

    I was thinking of making a drawer console, type affair for my machine, you know the type of thing that is used on server racks were you pull out a drawer and it has a screen and keyboard. I was thinking along the lines of maybe an 8" screen and mini keyboard in the centre console were the head unit would normally be. But then it dawned on me one of those Asus Eee mini laptops would do the trick, if you knocked up some rails for it to pull out on. They aren't too sluggish either now that they are powered by the Intel Atom CPU, especialy when the dual core version comes out, and the price of them is a joke, they are cheaper than most 8" screens. The only down side is I am not certain if there is a touch screen version, and storage the largest one is 40 Gb, but they have USB so that could be overcome, they have wifi built in so you could have a SAN in the boot, and and... well you get the idea. Not too sure if this is the right place for this but it seemed about the best fit.

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    The biggest is an 80 gigabyte one, the 1000H. You may want to look into the Acer Aspire One for the bigger HD and cheaper price. Also look at the Gigabyte M912 (that number may be wrong so just search for Gigabyte netbook), it is a convertable table that may better suite your needs.

    Also since you're already into hacking, they make touchscreen kits for the EEE's, so that's work a look. For more EEE hacking go to

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    Cheers for that, I just had a look, and I didn't realise that they(the EEE PC) were so low spec, only 800 Mhz cpu and ich6 southbridge, I was sure I had read that they wee bringing out one based on the Atom. I know there has been a lot of hype around the Atom but it is a good package 1.6 Ghz hyperthreading the FSB is a lot faster than the EEE also, and it is cheap as anything. A couple of curious choices from Intel thou, like having a P4 power connecter on the mobo, and having a , relativly for the size anyhoo, large heat sink cooling the chipset. There isn't that much support around for this mobo as yet being new an all, it is Mini Itx, but is not compatible with a lot of cases for the reason outlined above, I am sure that the like of Morex only beed to adapt their stuff to make it fit.I have got mine squeezed into a cracker tin @ the moment while I build the software and decide which case to go for.

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