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Thread: An interesting solution to adding phone support to CarPC

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    I think you'd have to buy the Parrot OEM integrators kit and have a play with that. It's a bare system designed for integrators to prototype with. You can't find any docs on this kit until you buy it. Cost about US $300. You might be able to make it go with your background. Pretty sure it has a VDU and Serial outputs. You'd make a board that read the data, parsed it and talked to the PC via USB or serial port interface. One of the Atmel processors like the Arduino uses might be a good starting point. So when you work it out, manufacture your own board with embedded Parrot and you are in business.
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    Yeah, the dial-up modem that appears over bluetooth is for making data calls, not for dialing voice calls. By the way, EDGE is a GSM technology and Sprint is a CDMA provider, so their data network is called 1X or EvDO.

    It might be possible to hack the cheaper parrot kits, but I doubt it's easy. I didn't know they had an OEM kit -- I should look into that myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonestatue View Post
    AvWuff, I was considering doing something similar to this myself. Complete cell phone integration is a fantastic idea, but judging from all I have read on this forum, people just can't seem to get it right, as well meaning as they are.

    The Parrot device solves the problem of compatibility (for the most part), as it allows audio AND data integration (you can hear your cell phone through its speaker and you can send commands to the phone via the device).

    I have dabbled in a little experimenting with my present cell phone (LG Muziq), which is serviced by Sprint's EDGE network. I know that EDGE doesn't have the best record for cell phone integration with carputers. However, I did manage to connect it via two different bluetooth connections (to my laptop). The headset profile sent audio from the cell phone to the computer's speakers. The data profile (or whatever it's called) is intended for using the cell phone as a wireless modem, so the computer recognizes it as a modem. This being the case, I opened up Hyperterminal and selected the cell phone as the modem to communicate when sending outbound calls. I entered a number in Hyperterminal and hit send. Sure enough, the phone dialed the number I entered (I called my landline, and I heard it ring), but I couldn't hear anything on the computer's speakers when I talked into my landline, and I couldn't hear anything on the landline's end when I spoke into the pc mic.

    I feel virtually the only option is doing what you did. But I am interested in complete integration with the carputer, not just audio. What do you think it would take to interface the Parrot device with the computer? Would it be possible to make some intermediary device to link the Parrot and the computer, or would it be necessary to reconfigure the Parrot's processor?

    I am a beginning Electrical Engineering major, so I'm somewhat familiar with soldering and programming.
    Sprint uses EVDO Rev. A, isnt EDGE AT&T.... Anyways...... What frontend are you using, or does the Parrot have its own aplication? I know in CF you have to turn off this option called auto transfer or something along those lines, otherwise it will only play sound through the handset and only use the mic "i think" on the handset. Once some1 told me this, I turned it off and all was good. When talking to people they said the could here me perfect, but when they talked, they heard an echo of themselves. i am hoping a software based echo cancelling software will work... Here is the link to one that someone recommended. i havent tried it since my MoBo was RMA'd and i have not recieved it yet.
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    My bad, I meant to say CDMA. I just confused it with EDGE when I was typing. Lol, these cell phone companies are in love with acronyms.

    Anyway, I was thinking of what it would take to interface the Parrot directly with a carputer, and came up with a simplified theory on how it would work. The processor is basically a device which opens and closes a lot of switches, so it would be a matter of figuring out which button opens which circuit, etc. I know there is more to it than that, but that's a good starting point, I think.

    I might give this kit a try if it's not too complicated.
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    This project made me think of something I put together a few years ago using my SkullCandy Jacked Link interface that allowed me handsfree cellphone integration into my system without using bluetooth . [media][/media]
    Using the Skullcandy, I can plug its MP3 input into the audio out from the PC, plug its cellphone input into my phone, install the SkullCandy dongle near the driver, and plug in a 3.5mm stereo jack to my amp/headunit.

    The dongle has a built-in noise canceling mic. Also on the dongle is a volume control for the Mp3 input that I use to do volume leveling between the PC and cellphone. Lastly, the dongle has a button on it that works with my phone for answer/hangup and last number redial.

    With this setup, the PC only needs one bluetooth/serial connection to the phone for control (I use PhoneControl 1.4). The cellphone mike is external to the PC so I can use the PC mike line for something else. No mods needed to any hardware and the dongle is small enough to be hidden and still useable.

    For data, I use WMWiFiRouter (again no bluetooth) on my phone which turns my HTC Mogul into a wireless router. Phone still send/receives call as long as no active transfer is taking place.

    As a short aside on phone control softwares, perfection is extremely rare. PhoneControl was written by a German programmer to support the majority of GSM phones. FreePhone was written in Engand. See a trend here? There are just too many phones, OS's, interfaces, interface specs, etc., etc., etc. I wrote a review of PhoneControl on CDMA phones for this forums Review Palace and in it I said it doesn't do everything, but what it does do, it does it well. I also added info on workarounds for complete functionality. This also applies to many of the more recent control software options - for CDMA phones especially, but others too, require workarounds.
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    This would work great with mymobiler.

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