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Thread: Upgrade Climate Control knobs

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    Upgrade Climate Control knobs

    I placed this post also in the hardware general cuz i don't know where it fits.

    I've been wondering if you can switch or mod a cars climate control knobs.

    from like this

    to this

    using Rotary Encoders.

    Note:These photos are not mine.

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    In my car, some of those knob functions are controlled pneumatically. The knobs themselves actually control air flow. In that case, a rotary encoder could not help you, in terms of upgrading the knobs. However, if the original knobs were entirely electrical, then you could potentially interface to them however you want.

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    you should check if the knobs you have are mechanical or if they conect to some circutry. normally you should be able to use the second group that is pictured, by assigning/hacking/dremeling the contacts of each button. so for instance the airflow button. let's say you want it to circulate air at you feet. see what is the position of the original switch and just conect the appropriate button on the second controls to it. if it's mechanical then you're a little bit screwed. if my intuition works, i think that all the buttons on the second group (climate air recirculating thing) are digital. in that case you have to check what signal they are sending, and after that depending on the controls that your original climate control has, hook up 3 stepper motors to move the dials "behind the scenes". so it would be a digital to analog conversion.

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    I know you said the pics aren't yours but the top looks like it is from a F150 or Mustang. If yours looks like that then this is what the inside looks like.

    The fan switch is a mechanical switch if I remember correctly.

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    I found a great solution for using rotary encoders, check this out. It's USB HID so no drivers required and I can send you a little prog (still developing) that sends keystrokes when encoder is turned or switch is pushed.

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