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Thread: Sirius and P.I.E. Ipod switch

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    Sirius and P.I.E. Ipod switch

    Hi all!

    I'm new to the forms with my first problem,.

    I just purchased and installed the P.I.E ipod interface in my jeep liberty RBK OEM headunit. to do this I had to unplug the factory Sirius connection from the rear of the head unit. I have decided I want to be able to used both the ipod control and the Sirius connection.

    First off does anyone know of such a product that would allow me to connect both at the same time?

    If not I figured I would wire up a switch to by cutting off the H/U couplers and splicing some type of switch to the inputs(ipod and sirius) so that when the switch if flipped one way the lines from the ipod woul dbe connected and disconnect the sirius and flipped the other way the ipod would disconnect and the sirius would be connected.

    the attached image might give some clarity.

    Any Suggestions ?

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