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Thread: Is it possible to build a WOL dongle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by malcom2073 View Post
    Oh awesome, I think ima make myself one of these
    This definitely is a cool project. For those who want a ready-made solution, my company XoByte will be launching a product called miniSpark that generates the WOL magic packet as well as a PC ShutDown command.

    Check out the "New Product Thread" for more info on features & a demo video:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blues View Post
    Here's exactly what you are asking for, a WOL dongle with a single-sided PCB layout, BOM and source code for the Atmel AVR ATmega8 microcontroller.
    It triggers a WOL from a simple switch input. You just have to pull the SW input to GND to trigger the WOL. If you need to trigger it from a 12V logic high input instead of a logic low input you could just add a generic NPN transistor and a couple of resistors to invert the 12V input signal and prevent the 12V overvoltage to enter the 3.3V logic circuit at the SW input.

    Project website:
    Forum discussion:

    Remember when I said:
    I just want to put in some experience. Ethernet isn't killer complex, but it's not super simple either. Since it uses differential voltages, you'd probably be best off getting an ethernet chip and then maybe a PIC -- or the PIC J series with the ethernet already in them. Then you need a jack with embedded magnetics...
    It's not hard but theres quite a learning curve to it all. You could definitely make them, but not as cheap as a simple chip would be.
    That's exactly what that project is, somebody actually followed through with it! If you notice, there's a microchip controlling the ethernet chip (ENC28J60 is by Microchip -- lowest pin count ethernet controller), and a jack with magnetics.

    That's awesome. Those jacks are a bit pricey though to buy one-off...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
    You bet. This was just a question about a possible non-solder or hack solution.
    So grab a USB power button.

    Almost anything supporting WOL should support wake-on-USB, plus a bunch more (WOL seems rare on desktop motherboards, and even where it exists it doesn't always work right), so there's a plug-and-play solution with no hacking needed.
    I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

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