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Thread: blue tooth keyless entry

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    blue tooth keyless entry

    ok so i was playing with the program "blue proximity" (it is a linux program that pairs with your cell and when the phone move away from the computer it "locks" or and other comand you tell it to run) and i was thinking this would be a good ez way to make your car unlock when you walk up to it.

    ok i'm getting a head of myself....

    ok think of it like this.

    when you walk away from your car, the paired phone goes out or range, hence the doors lock. when you walk up to your car, your phone is back in range again and the doors unlock.

    i was thinking it would be best to to get one of those programmable development boards from digikey. however i do not know how i would go about programing it so it would work with a relay.

    so any one out there know how to get with to work?

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    Search for "BlueLock".

    You will find several threads discussing this concept and a number of products available to implement it. Here is just one:

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    I wonder, if maybe some sort of a bluetooth 'key' could be carried on your keychain instead of using your cellphone?

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    None of the (2) US distributors stock the Bluelock...
    And the quote I got from the UK works out to just over $300 CDN
    I'm working getting a manufacturer quote thru Mouser right now...

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    $380 CDN from Mouser with 4 week lead time...

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    Wow... for $50 (US) maybe... Anything more than that... I'll hold off a few weeks, until they start throwing 'em in the box with my Cheerios.
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