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Thread: Where to start with Climate controls

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    Where to start with Climate controls

    I have a fully electronic hvac control in my car, no knobs, all buttons. Where would I start to figure out how to get it going through my pc? I figured I might have to grab a phigit(I'm sure I just butchered that spelling), but what then? BTW, its a 93 Buick Roadmaster wagon..(you know wagons are cool, now stop laughing!)

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    if its a fully electronic climate control with seperate buttons for different functions I'd imagine you'd need to get an interface phidget and then one of their relay boards. then replace your buttons with the relay board which allows you to effectively turn them on and off digitally. You'd need a bit of programming experience but it wouldn't be too hard.

    If it used the same buttons for multiple things then it would probably be a little harder and I can't say much without more information.

    I'm considering trying this on a manual climate control type system with control cables

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    You could just emulate the button presses with digital outputs from your I/O board of choice.

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    Try a fusion brain... a few people on their section in the forums are developing climate control systems. Great little device. I have one and i started doing the programming for it through Fusions software and its pretty simple if you know basic programming.

    I never finished it bc at that point I changed cars and I no longer have electronic climate system in my car.

    I would recommend before you invest you money into anything test the output of your current climate system and make sure you can pin point the voltages / amps the unit uses to change things - I was trying to do mine on 2003 Dodge Durango and the climate system used digital signals out to stepper motors and such so I was not able to find any change in the output of the unit to define each function. But on an older car like that its probably a lot simpler.

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    The Arduino Controller that has been used on this forum for a few things (see ) has a PID library that is exactly what you need for climate control here which is discussed here:

    I asked some questions on this thread about using it to make a vehicle climate control and it seems pretty easy. There are two options with the fan; make it variable speed with additional components or just support the 4 speed settings I already have.

    In my case, I have all manual linkages so I have to look at the switching. I would probably use an LM35 temperature sensor, but a DS81S20 digital one might work as well. Both are easy to use with the Arduino.

    I have had an Ardunio for a week or so and they Rock! (But you have to program them in C).
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