I am using a xenarc core-duo pc, unfortunately I will need to use usb wifi, 3g modem & gps. I can simply run a usb hub, but devices are likely to vibrate, fall out, gather dust. and heat, those usb dongles run hot!

I was thinking of getting a small extruded case eg: http://www.lincolnbinns.com/e-case.htm to fit about 3 or 4 usb devices, within a neat package that I could bolt down. perhaps a hdd cooler enclosure might work? I have a usb 'squid' hub http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/a...s/93ad/?cpg=ab that I could feed into the enclosure.

Has anyone done this successfully? what do you have to do to cool the devices? some people have suggested I would need to open up the individual usb dongles and put adhesive heat sinks on their chips. Any suggestions on how I could interface them with the walls of the case for heat transfer?

Any advice would be most appreciated,