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Thread: Antenna on d-link dwa-110

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    Antenna on d-link dwa-110

    Has anyone managed to pry a D-Link DWA-110 Wireless G USB open and connect an external antenna?

    I found this image:

    not very high resolution but is the round copper thing on the top left an antenna connector? just want to check if someone had opened one up, it appears fairly well stuck on, mine is still in warranty!


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    unlikely an antenna connector, otherwise it would probly have an antenna plugged into it. i doubt that dlink would spend money putting an unneeded connector on the board to hook nothing into it

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    Or buy a DWA-142 instead of the DWA-110 ?

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    That really looks a lot like a mini SMA connector, plus it's close to the trace antenna. I'd say it probably is, but what would it do with the impedance of both connected?

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    Hey Guys,

    Though I might help as i work for D-Link in Australia.

    Most if not all our USB/PCMCIA adapters have an onboard U.fl connector which you can connect a pigtail to.

    The DWA-110 has that U.fl connector.

    What country you in rstruk as i may be able to grap ya one from work.

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