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Thread: electromechanical P-R-N-D development HELP!!!

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    Looking forward to it!

    I have decided to work on my boat instead, gutting and redoing the entire interior. 19ft of old rotted wood coming out, new wood, carpet, seats, etc. and a PC going in! This will probably be my summer project this year. So, OK if I live viacariously through you TurboCad?

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    Just a quick post to an old post! - The "missing link" for me was a reliable actuator controller. This finally came in the shape of a Pololu Jrk 12v12 USB "Motor Controller with Feedback"

    The Pololu JRK has been a joy to program and to use. My gearbox travel was only c. 35mm, but the resolution of the controller provides extremely fine control.

    Not a single missed gear change.

    I shall be looking to change the input values via TTL serial rather than analogue in - just to add soem additional "safety" logic for no changes to Park or Reverse without the brake being pressed. Nothings happened as yet, but this may just complete a very satisfying project that has released a good deal of interior space now taken by a Asus EP121 ( different league to anything I've installed to date - Boe Hydis screen being a good example).

    No time for photos, but just thought I would send an update with regards the Pololu controller...

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    hey tony, glad you got this completed, that sounds cool & I'd def like to pick one of those up to play with. my project got sidetracked & I winded up taking the car apart for an engine swap & twin turbo buildup before I ever got around to fully installing mine but had it working pretty well at one point in testing. now I'm also swapping to a 6 speed manual tranny so I won't be completing this project on this car. maybe my next build?

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