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Thread: Building a custom cable for a Xenarc 706TSV... impendance question

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    Just in case, did you verify that the existing cable was in fact a pin to pin connection and not a transposed connection? Seen it before with some manufactures.

    Apart from that I don’t have much; I’m surprised that it would not show a picture in some fashion.

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    I would second the check the original question cable comment...

    Also, I stand by my original comment-at those frequency's cross-talk is going to be your biggest problem. Not just shielding the cable itself but shielding each line from the other lines.

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    Yeah, I walked the original cable with a multimeter... didn't SEEM to have any cross pins. Unless something connected to 2 pins, but I kind of doubt that.

    I'm thinking maybe it's simply too long? Wonder if I should just cut it, resolder in the middle and see if it makes the situation better or not.

    justchat: good point re: crosstalk, but I'm not sure how to avoid that - that will be the case for any ribbon cable, no? So maybe the cable choice is wrong from the start - but I'm not sure how to dodge that problem, since I _need_ a flat cable for this.
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