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Thread: Lilliput power button

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    Lilliput power button

    I've bought a lilliput (widescreen) and was wondering if anyone knew of a circuit to make the powerbutton from the lilli also trigger a relay or simulate the press of the pc power button.
    My carpc uses a laptop powersupply but to save having to press the pc on and monitor on i was hoping to press just the one.. but the screen one as it looks like its meant to be there..

    I remember back in the days using an old lilli someone built a circuit to make it turn on when the ignition was on.. Maybe the same person may be who i need to talk to.
    Cheers in advance
    and sorry if this has been done.. search facility sucks when ou dont really know what to search other than lilli hack, power button etc.

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    The power switch is just a momentary switch. Just wire it in parallel with the power button on your computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobb View Post
    The power switch is just a momentary switch. Just wire it in parallel with the power button on your computer.
    not if the voltages are different

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    cablammy so measure voltages and if the same wire in parallel..


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    I wouldn't recommend it as they are different power sources. Most of the ACPI power headers are for a switch that pulls to ground anyway. A good way would be to find something on the board that has power when it's on (close to the supply section), then depending on the volts (5, 12..) use that to supply a constant to pulse circuit using a resistor, capacitor and small reed relay or optocoupler to isolate it.

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    You could use a momentary DPDT (double pole double throw) switch. This would essentially be two separate buttons that run off of the same push, that way you could wire them both up and they wouldn't interfere w/ each other.
    The circuit diag would look something like this


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    use the remote control and press 588998 and you see a secret menu...


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