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Thread: Is it possible to Use a PIR sensor to help on blind spot issue ?

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    Is it possible to Use a PIR sensor to help on blind spot issue ?

    I was thining of doing something that would help me on the blind spot issue.
    So i would like to know if using a PIR sensor (from presence detection stuff) that would light up a led light on my side mirror would be an option.
    Is it possible to use something like these to do what i am talking about ?
    If not, since i dont have a radar, what would could be done ?

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    I PIR detects "moving heat" (ie, temperature gradients moving across its field of view up to a certain distance).

    What about a convex mirror?

    What are you trying to detect (off- or near-side read blind spots for moving traffic)?

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    if you are trying to do a blind spot detector, how about using something like

    it is an ultrasonic ping sensor, the specs say 3 meter (15ft) range.

    it might work? don't know how you might mount it.

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