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Thread: custom high-end car pc case

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    The project indeed died. there is no financial justification to manufacture and create such a product only for capc's and it will cost about 100$ +shipping for the consumer. i'm using the prototype today and it is a bad-*** case, i installed 30cm led strip inside and i switched the clear perspex with a dark blue one. it looks amazing !

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    Shame this dies!

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    well, find a way to add a VESA mount to the back and sell the design to a company that makes computer cases like jetway. i still say this case looks bad, and i want one :P

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    note: i have no desire for a case of any sort, but for those that are interested:

    for those that were interested in it, would it be possible to post some sheets indicating where to cut/bend the metal?

    while i couldn't make it all of it look that professional, i am pretty sure that most of the case could be done by hand with basic tools..

    for instance:

    i made this entire case using a dremel to cut the square holes, a drill with a couple drill bits, and a hammer, and right-angle edge of my workbench to get the sides to shape.. the dremel was a more expensive model, but if buying the tools outright, i think all of them would be available for under $50(check harbor freight )

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    you can get a metal brake from harbor freight for ~$30. would make bending a lot easier
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    I just bought a bunch of metal tools, including a metal brake (not sure if from them or Amazon), for about $45.00. Well worth it, very smooth bends, and not necessarily 90 degrees too.

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