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    I'm trying to setup a Car-PC using and Acer aspire 3100 laptop. At the moment i'm on the remote turn on stage, and so far have checked out using a set of relays wired across the power button (cant solder that small!), and am now onto what i think is the last option - wake-on-link.

    I've read through THIS thread, got it working, then have come across the same problem faced by many of the eeepc users - when the laptop goes to battery power (i.e. ign is switched off) the NIC loses power and loses WOLink capability, even when the mains power is restored.

    My question is does anyone know of a way to turn this off (or on), or maybe using the laptop battery, fool the MB into thinking it has a 19v supply? (battery is 14.8v).


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    Greetings adruss85, I owned a few aspires and If you have acer's power manager up and running, you can automatically turn on the LAN with the program. you will just have to set up your CARPC power profile in there.

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