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Thread: Steering-Wheel Integration for VW GTI MkV (Prototype)

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    FOR MkV (2006-2008) VW GTI's:

    Just wanted to let anyone that is interested know, wireb on the forums has created a board that detects signals on the Infotainment Can-Bus for steering wheel button presses, and outputs the button presses to a serial port for future integration into various front-ends.

    We currently need a few more people to place an order for the first batch. Take a read here:

    For anyone else interested, we have our progress posted in that thread of the various can-bus messages we have decoded so far.

    Supported firmware (so far):
    general snoop (Dumps what ever is on the bus out the serial port in raw hex)
    button decode (watches for just button presses and sends out "Bx" where x = the button number when a button is pressed)
    Other stuff:
    Example perl code and a firmware update utility (yes you can swap firmware on the fly.)

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    Can you say me if your can bus interface is compatible with the MOST Audi bus ?

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