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Thread: Remote GSM control

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    Quote Originally Posted by majasticmoose View Post
    A simpler idea. A DTMF decoder. What it does is every number on the dial pad a has corresponding tone (a DMTF tone) the tells the tower where to place your calls. So once you call "your car". The output of your phone in your car will be hooked up to a DMTF decoder. after the car "picks up". Any number you press will play a tone make the DMTF decoder trigger a relay which could start a car, unlock it, etc. It's very simple. ( and it sounds like what you are describing).
    Here is one that has a security code (so anyone with your car's number can't start it) and it accepts +12VDC.

    To be honest that's exactly what I've been looking for, and is the perfect solution to my problem. I'd like to build it myself though, I wonder how hard it would be to program a microcontroller for these purposes?

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    It looks like it will probably be easier/cheaper to go with the pre made ones, but it can definitely be done.
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    Sorry forgot to post this. This guy used the idea but created a remote detonator with the relays. He used a 8870 DTMF IC from an answering machine. The schematic and programming files and info are in the link. Have fun.


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    I originally contacted this company back in 2006, and since then, they've come out with some even better products than back then. They're mostly for the Industrial sector, but their products could definately be used with carpc's. I was originally looking at the SMS transceiver, but that might be discontinued. I noticed the link seems to be broken. However, the GSM Metron might be a suitable replacement, and does even more.

    After typing all that, I went through my old emails and found a price list... around $500 for a unit... well, sounds like building one is what I'll probably do too.

    Have fun and keep us posted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IHateMayonnaise View Post
    I found this site:, where someone did pretty much exactly what I am looking to do, although their instructions are not all that intuitive.

    I went ahead and bought an AVR programmer, cause i wanted to get into this stuff eventually. Are there any other websites like this one that offer more...instructive instructions?
    Try Ricci Bitti's "Tiny Planet" project:
    This "Tiny Planet" project was also published in the May 2002 issue of the Circuit Cellar magazine (issue #142). Since it was published in a large DIY electronics magazine I guess there must be some "instructive instructions", but I haven't tried to make this project myself.
    It also use an AVR microcontroller. By using a bigger AVR you should be able to program it to use more in- and outputs. OR maybe the descrptions of this project can make you help understand Serasidis Valilis' project better too.
    Serasidis Valilis' project was based on (or inspired by) Ricci Bitti's Tiny Planet project and was first time published 5 months after the Tiny Planet project was published in Circuit Cellar.

    The best website to learn about AVR is this:
    There's a big forum where you can find help for anything AVR related.

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