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Thread: Garage Door Open/Close sensor

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSpark View Post
    Enforcer!!! How do you get her out of bed? Let me know!
    Or should her partner get out and open instead?

    Funny that some of the replies in here remind me of solar trackers "that aren't worth the energy" - LOL - they use CPUs!!

    So many ways to sense - whether IR beam, induction/proximity, noise, etc.
    But the the 2nd part - security - eg, RFID, optic or RF or inductive codes etc. (That part can be turned on by the basic sensor with a timeout to save power.)
    Off topic, but you can build a solar tracker out of two small panels and a dc motor per axis.
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    I was commenting on an oft heard comment that trackers aren't worth it - they "expend more energy than they save"...!!

    I did a rough calc and reckoned about a 10 or 20:1 payback (energy-wise) based on an adjustment at a max of 3 degrees (which corresponds to about a 5% drop in output).
    So I couldn't understand the naysayers.

    Then I spoke to a few, and they all started "(Well you stoopid idiot...) the CPUs....".
    And they reckoned I was stupid?
    (Then I explained why digital computers are so inferior to analog.... LOL!)

    BTW - the connection to this thread was the talk of in-house batteries, CPUs etc....

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