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Thread: FM/DAB digital radio - THAT WORKS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBM View Post
    This is just a collection of previously posted files to get the CB Ultimate DAB+ module working in Centrafuse 3.5/3.6.

    1) Full DABRadio package
    This includes the the latest plugin dll posted by ibf (from post 1373, 06-24-2011)

    Download: Attachment 62837

    Files from the above zip should end up like this:

    Centrafuse Directory > Plugins > DABRadio >

    Languages > (English.xml)
    Stations > (station logos)
    Skins > Clean > (skin images and skin.xml)

    With the above in place and after restarting CF, you should be able to find the DABRadio plugin in the CF system settings. There you can set the COM port and recording device.
    The station logos are named according to the station names broadcasted and displayed on LCD line 2.
    In some countries (e.g. Netherlands) LCD line 2 scrolls as well. In that case only a generic logo can be displayed.

    NOTE 1
    If the DAB module sound output is too low, it may be necessary to reset the volume by using a standalone app. e.g. The one from CB hosted at his website .
    AFAIK it can only be reset to 100%.

    NOTE 2
    It may be necessary to install the lastest FTDI USB driver for the DAB module to work reliably.
    As posted earlier, the latest driver can be found here:
    The driver has several advanced settings when accessed through the Device Manager.
    If the DAB module does not work properly, it is worth checking out some of the options in there.

    2) Options

    If you prefer a blue LCD and/or different color preset buttons, you can replace the skin files with one of the following two alternatives:

    2.1) Skin file Blue 1

    Attachment 62722

    Attachment 62720

    The blue preset buttons are made up of separate images (blue=off, grey=down) on top of the background. LCD text is dark blue .

    LCD text color can be changed by editing the FONTCLASSES section in the skin.xml file using notepad.
    (e.g. change color="#003958" to color="#FF7800" for orange text)

    Download: Attachment 62721

    2.2) Skin file Blue 2

    Attachment 62725

    The preset button numbers light up blue when pressed.
    LCD text is dark blue. Station Info text is just an indication.

    Download: Attachment 62724

    If you prefer orange preset buttons, you can replace those image files with one of the following two alternatives.

    2.3) Orange Preset buttons 1

    Attachment 62739 Attachment 62743

    Download: Attachment 62742

    2.4) Orange Preset buttons 2

    Attachment 62740 Attachment 62744

    Download: Attachment 62741
    Great post, you beat me to it, was about to put the files together myself, DLL + your skin work. Your post appear from no where all of the sudden, I gathered youre still under mod review?

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    Thanks for that!

    ill have a play on the weekend or tonight if the GF decides she dont wanna go out lol

    ill post back up with working/not working.

    Thanks for the help

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    Has anyone had an issue in 3.5 where the plugin screen doesn't appear and instead all you get when clicking the button assigned to the DAB radio is black square box at the top left of the screen overlaid on the home screen? I downloaded and installed the plugin posted earlier and that is what I get. I checked the skin folder and everything is there, perhaps I should try one of the other skins?

    I set up the radio in the plugin settings, all went ok. When I touch the button for the radio I get the black square as mentioned, but I can also see the "time not set" message from the radio on the top section of the home screen. So the PC must be able to talk to the radio?

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    Sorry folks, my bad.
    I forgot to place the Skin files inside the required Clean subdirectory.

    The full zip download on the previous page has been repacked to include that directory.

    As mentioned by other members below the black square is often caused by something wrong with the skin.

    @ moderators
    Can you please look into removing the moderation from my account.
    Thank you very much.
    It takes hours before my messages appear. After that my replies often make no sense anymore and I have to edit them to be useful.
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    I had that problem with other plug-ins, download the file again, un-zip it and locate the "skin" file copy and paste that into the DAB plugin folder. make sure inside the "skin" folder there is a folder called "clean".

    Its usually caused by an error in the skin folder.

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    redgy is correct, just tried the full package upload by TBM and there was a problem with the directory. All the files inside the skin should be in directory "Clean"

    So all the files should be inside ;


    He missed the "Clean" subdirectory. Just make one and put all the files in there. Repacking it would be best way.

    EDIT :
    Didnt realised its been fully answered by redgy already. Anyway adding the Clean directory should fixed it. TBM is about to repack the files.
    Last edited by ibf; 07-09-2011 at 09:50 AM.

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    Cheers guys, will download and have another shot at it.

    Appreciate the work - Tom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIRDMAN View Post
    Yes ibf, my current mobo the Sapphire Pure Fusion mini E350 is using the Realtek ALC892 audio chip .
    My 2 previous carputer set ups also used Realtek audio. Both suffered the same issue with the DAB plugin ! Correct me if I'm wrong, but a good percentage of mobos are using the Realtek chip solution for an onboard sound these days including tickertapes' Zotac ION-ITX (Realtek ALC662).
    All very frustrating.......
    Quote Originally Posted by ibf View Post
    Birdman, are you using a realtek soundcard? the plugin seems to set the master volume to mute. Programming the mixer is very tricky.
    Hi Guys
    I've just purchased a Creative labs XFI usb external sound card to see if I can overcome the auto mute function on my particular setup. I'll give it a whirl this weekend and I'll let you know how I got on.
    As a matter of interest will does anyone know if nrgizerbunny's PCB accept the later Venice 7 chip ? If so can anyone recommend a suitable cheap donor radio?


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    Venice7 in RR

    I have a new CB radio up and running well in a 'bench' setup using RR. All is well even with a wire for antenna. I have made my own skin based on "Simplistic", but I have the following problems to sort befor I am ready to fit to car, possibly someone may be able to help (please)

    1/ I have reset the volume to 100% using the standalone app, this is to high as I have to have line in set to almost off. Is it possible to reset this lower?

    2/ Sometimes after starting or resuming from suspend, selecting "radio" selects radioskin and brings up station details, but play does not start. going back to home and reselecting radio always starts play?

    3/ Is it possible to change colour and font size of the display?

    4/ Is it possible to call up the display in other skins? I would like info to showon say the GPS skin.

    Thanks in advance

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    1, you can use commands in RR, read the radio documentation with rr (Venice7 (Master) Radio Module.txt)
    you cant set it to any level, only lower and raise
    2, try setting resumemusic=1 in rr.ini
    3, read the documentation (no font size change, allowed)
    4, nope...limitation with CB's v7 master firmware.. its only a two line LCD and can only be on radio skin

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