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Thread: CONTEST: Xbox Chatpad Driver Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheShryke View Post
    Hello, I'm interested in helping to develop this, if it is still being worked on. it seems we have a working driver for wired, that just needs a bit of polishing to make it a bit more user friendly. I wouldn't mind helping to do that.

    Also I am having a strange issue with GAFBlizzard's drivers. I got them to work once, but every time since they haven't worked, all the buttons, (including the main controller buttons don't work, and some combinations of modifier keys + a button show "No binding found for: <hex code>". It looks like all the buttons have been mapped to nothing, but I am using the default config file with no changes. I am running this on windows 8.
    Yes someone who's not dead that wants to work on this. I really need a fick for the wired version. everytime I open the controll utility it closes again after saying please wait... yes I tried admin etc. I would love for someone to check that out bought a brand new chatpad thinking this driver works.

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    I want to work on it, but ill need the source files before I can do anything

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