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Thread: in car usb stock radio

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    in car usb stock radio

    ok here goes ill explain it best i can. in my GMC Terrain i have under the arm rest a USB port. which accepts thumb drives with MP3's on it or an ipod with the usb to ipod cable. and all of that gets controled threw teh stock radio i can change tracks even see the names on LCD in front. and all that threw the stock unit. now my question is...... is anybody working on a driver so that i can plug on end of a usb cable to that usb port in my car and the other and into my CARPC. so i can one see the song names on the display, 2 use the controls on my car to skip and play/pause track. and threw route the audio threw there?

    is this possible???

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    there is car2pc, but that is controlled through usb, and the audio still needs to go through a aux input--other than that-- no. there is a thread in the car audio section about this-- it is a huge undertaking because the structure of flash drives and computers are completely different-- like expecting a ford truck body panel to fit on a chrysler minivan-- possible, but it requires a lot of work. i haven't seen anyone take the time on it yet...

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    see that connects to ur stock radio as if u had a cd changer. which all the new cars dont even have that as a function anymore. see what we need is like an emulator for the computer that acts like a IPod. and the car when plauged direct like to the computer from the stock radios USB port tot he usb port on the computer. and the car thinks the PC is an ipod. so when i kit track forward on or what ever on my stearing wheel it can maybe send a certain keyboard command to the computer that i can then tell Centrafuse that that keystroke is track forward and so on. i have no idea how hard this maybe. but i would think instead of making it seem like a external usb stick make the computer seem like it is an ipod would be easier. I know we have alot of smart people out there that coudl prob make alot of money out of this and. this also would make less work on all of us on the install. cause it all runs threw one cable not more then one for all these functions. i coudl honestly care less if it didnt show the track name on my car stock radio or not. i mean i got the track name right there on my screen.

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