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Thread: BMW Users!!! Controlling external devices through your iBus

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    BMW Users!!! Controlling external devices through your iBus

    I've successfully been able to program s microcontroller (MIC) to respond to our iBus messages. With this MIC, Iíve been able to program the Phone, Tape reverse, Clock, R/T and Talk buttons to activate relays momentarily (button push, On-Off) or behave as a toggle switch (button push, On. Button push again, Off). I can program many iBus messages to activate a relay Or a LED or anything else at this point. No plans to venture into sending iBus messages back to this system at this point.

    What this will basically help you is to get rid of all those switches we mounted under the board monitor or next to the dimmer switch or center console, or any other goofy place weíve mounted over the years.

    I can program up to 11 functions at this point so plenty of options.

    I've designed 2 boards:
    1. Is a fully standalone unit, you'll have to attach to Ground, +12V and iBus.
    2. Is a piggy back unit to Resler's interface. You'll have to send me your interface and I'll incorporate it into my box. Resler's interface will still be fully functional. This option is slightly less expensive in parts and easier to assemble.

    thsi will work with later E38s, E39s, most of E46s and other models that use the iBus protocol.

    Is there any interest in this? If so, what price range for either boards.

    [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Why have you started a duplicate thread?
    Different catagory might have different readers. If it violates forum rules, please remove.

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    I thought I had it under "User Innovations". Oh well.... please delete.

    BTW I think this controller might be usefull for users on your bmw-carputer site.

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