Hi, I own a renault megane facelift (10/1999) that is equipped with a radio cassete player that is (according to other posts on the site) a radiosat6000 model (analog).
Apparently from 2000 onwards my car was equipped with a radio cd player (tunerlist - digital) that although it fits perfectly on my dash I cannot seem to make it work on the dashboard screen.

So I really REALLY need your help here...
So far I have cut the wiring from the radiosat plug and paired the colours with the tunerlist plug.
( yellow with yellow, blue with blue etc).
The only thing that I achieved though, is to hear some beeps when pressing the buttons on the tunerlist.
The dashboard screen just lighted up but showed nothing at all.
Apparently I am doing something wrong here, so I would really be gratefull if someone could help me out.

If this is impossible to be done after all, if I buy a used dash screen and steering controls from a wrecked 2001 megane equipped with tunerlist will they fit OK or will I experience further incopatibility issues?

Thank you very much in advance...