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Thread: Interested in a USB Audio Amplifier?

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    In that case, I tip my hat to you sir!!

    I will be happy with 50W RMS per channel, and maybe 100W RMS for the sub, but anything more than that is just icing on what looks to be one tasty, saucy cake!

    Looking forward to seeing the result, might also give me an excuse to order an FB as well to save on shipping costs hehehe

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    I would guess that 50 watts/channel is probably twice what I really need; but I'm intrigued by what you're going to end up with.

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    I sorta shrugged this off as a 50w amplifier, but if you're doing 100RMS a channel then this would actually be a sick idea! I saw they used one of those USB crossovers in that iPad install from soundman audio. I thought it was really cool how it played test tracks and configured itself via USB. I wished there were USB amps, and BAM just like that!

    If it pumps 100 RMS to the speakers and more for the subs (most people would use 500? id like 800) then I'm down.

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    I think 50wrms would be more than enough. That would put it in the range of most headunits, which is generally what a 4ch amp is replacing anyway. That would allow people to either use their stock speakers, or go aftermarket.
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    if you plan to integrate a HDA soundcard, maybe a good idea is, a selectable switchable Option for 5 Channel Speakeroutput instead the subwoofer output. Some users have own Subwoofer, so i think itīs a good idea to make it selectable between 5 Channel Audio or 4 Channel Audio with additional Subwoofer Output.

    If you planning.. :-)

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    I also agree with the volume control knob idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    Those are nowhere near the quality or price.

    A stereo amp is 125E/$150ish and uses through hole components. #1 audio design rule is to not use through hole components unless you absolutely have to. Keep the signal together and it is happy like that singing fish.

    Their mono amp is 25E as well. You would need 5 of them and it would not come near the SQ
    i just linked to the main page... look around, they have surface mounted amps too. i linked to that company because they are reguarded as some of the best sounding amps from audiophiles on various forums. it was just a suggestion though, maybe im not quite getting what you're doing.

    as far as power output, i would imagine 4x25w is all you want, unless you intend to make this a large unit. reason is, most car speakers are made to run off headunits. but if you want to upgrade into the next class of speakers, you need around 60wRMS per channel. making a smallish-sized amp thats 35w a channel isnt going to do much more then a regular small 25w type for this reason.... also, 25w is about all you can get from 12v directly... which also creates a difference in how big the amp will be overall (if you need a power inverter or not)

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    All kinds of ideas and I want to strengthen a couple that I have heard.

    1. 100 RMS X 4 @ 4 Ohms (LF, RF, LR, RR)
    2. 50 RMS X 1 @ 4 Ohms (Center)
    3. Sub woofer output, maybe stepped up just a little for the downstream amp. I would leave the sub output to each user. There are just too many possibilities to try and amp for a sub.
    4. Mater volume control and since it is USB, have it control windows master volume.

    I know that some of this is outside of your initial post here but is what I would like to see. If you said you were going to do this, I would paypal tonight.
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    I would be very interested if you come to market in the next few months. My main concern would be in the processing / EQ capabilities. I'm looking for an alternative to something like Rockford's 3sixty, with time alignment and crossover capabilities. I know there are options to do this with the pc, would there be any issues between these and the amp? Also would you be able to run more than one on a system? I'm looking at a 3way component setup along with a center channel up front and a decent rear fill(not sure on the setup yet). So I would need a 4 channel just for the front stage component setup, not to mention the center channel.

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    Not sure how many "extras" I can get in there. With the specifications I am looking at, I am maxing out the highest end microcontrollers. Down to the point of counting cycles between instructions, and writing in assembly to squeeze out efficiency. Audio at high frequencies with high accuracy and multiple channels is extremely resource hungry.
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