Just acquired an alcatel ot 209

I'm wondering if anyone has come across anyway of getting it to communicate over rs232, NOT USB!

I know if you plug in a usb cable phones can emulate a virtual comport etc, but this is for a no-pc situation.

I'm looking at this phone as they free with a top up voucher from lots of companies and its to replace the t68i's i was building my original car-alarm controller out of, as t68i's are now harder to get, cost more than this, and have proved to have a firmware bug i cant get over.

so if anyone has seen / heard of a way to connect this phone up, heads up plz.

now off to take it to bits and see what chipset its got and if i can find anything out about it

If anyone else knows of a phone also on the 99p / free with a topup that may do rs232 let me know i wont mind changing phones if its gonna be a move forward