is anybody still using these cards with the Phillips 7134 chip. I can't seem to get Radiator to work with my card, I can use the Original Kworld Hypermedia software and also i can use FLY2000TV to work with my card , but only using the "Use Generic WDM card (control via WDM driver) option selected, this in turn, disables the individual card selections, problem is, Radiator doesn't support using a WDM feature , and using the fly2000fm plugin that comes with FLY2000tv doesn't seem to work either, also, the developers seems to have given up on either of those 2 apps, as the last updates was in 2004/2005.

I'm using a trial edition of Centrafuse, and would really like to get it working...

Details :

chipset : saa7134HF (as seen on the pcboard)
crystal : 32100

any help please.