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Thread: Alternative to Phidgets for Temperature Sensing

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    Alternative to Phidgets for Temperature Sensing

    On my old computer I ran a 4 sensor pic controller board that read 4 DS1820s. They were hyper accurate and I was very happy. The board interfaced to the computer through a D9 serial port. Along comes the new computer and D9 serial is obsolete and only has USBs. So I purchased a Phidgets 1051 (single) temperature sensor and wrote a custom plugin for RR. I am not happy with the accuracy though. It sucks. The calibration factor needs to change as it gets hotter/colder and you have to come up with the calibration factor yourself. Also, the accuracy is +-1.8C or +-3.2F. That is not accurate enough when you want to know if the road is frozen or not.

    So I am looking for a USB solution that uses DS1820s or similar. Anyone know of anything?

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    Well, I did find a kit. I kinda wanted to purchase one this time rather than kit it but I'll keep looking.

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    and this:

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    just nab a usb 1-wire interface... and connect up DS1820s

    there are lots of choices, here is one...
    this i believe uses simple ascii commands

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    i do like DLP products

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    Im an idiot. I just ordered a USB - rs323 converter cable. I could have saved a ton of money if I just thought of that in the first place.

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    I do like that Mouser solution. I think I'll go that way.

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