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Thread: How to make an FM jammer?

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    How to make an FM jammer?

    I want to make an FM jammer so I can play whatever music I want through my school bus radio. (It's legal where I live :3)

    Can someone help me with this? I'd like to make one that could fit into a small altoids can, with the functionality of one in this video. I need it to be able to take input from a 3.5mm headphone jack, an antenna, and have an adjustable FM frequency.

    I have a basic knowledge of electronics, (I know what capacitors and resistors and circuit boards do, etc.), but not enough for something like this. I've found a circuit diagram here, but I do not know how to read it :P. If someone could explain to me what everything is, and how everything goes together, I would be thankful. In the diagram, it does not show how to hook up the headphone jack and antenna though, so if someone could tell me where to put those that would be great.

    Really I just need an explanation of how to make this. I hope that building this will help me learn more about electronics, while still providing me with some fun lol. Any help would be great! Thanks.

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    What you are asking for is an FM Transmitter

    As you seem to know, jamming devices are generally illegal in many jurisdictions. I think you want an FM transmitter, which will connect to the headphone jack of a music player and broadcast a FM signal, which can then be received by the radio in your bus.

    It will possibly be cheaper to buy a built unit - check online

    Cheers and good luck

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    A jammer jams - it does not transmit useful info.

    You need a tunable transmitter that will swamp out the radio's reception.

    Luckily fm transmitters are the easiest to make. Google and ye shall find.
    Google for the kits available, else the skills you require to build and fabricate.
    Then all you'll need is the remote on for the radio after it gets turned off (or an AM transmitter as well?).

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