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Thread: 3D All-Around-View-View 360 by Fujitsu

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    3D All-Around-View-View 360 by Fujitsu

    Hey, I'm visiting this forum for about 7 years now but not writing much.
    I planning on implementing around view 360 view in my car (like on Infinity, BMW and such, Alpine TopView system, 360Vue etc,.).
    I'm not sure it have been talked about before but the most feature rich technology I found comes from Fujitsu, It simulates a 3D car on the monitor and it's able to see a lot of views, It's very good for lane-to-lane movement safety, parking and going out of park, also what I want to implement is a 360 degrees full 24/7 survillance in the car for proofs in case of in accidents and recording bad habits of policemen, to seeing who scratched my car or worse - broke in.

    I already bought a few wide angle cameras and waiting for my new carpc parts to get to Israel so I can play with them with my Geovision Card and maybe some broken high end PTZ cameras I got.
    Geovision has the option of defish so the wide angle lens can be seen how I want them to be seen.

    Anyways I just found that maybe there's another option to implement this, fujitsu are making evaluation boards with their 3D chip. I'm not a programmer but this thing is amazing and I guess with some help from forum members and all the contribution I can offer myself, maybe we can make it work.

    Link to their site:

    Here's a video that shows what it can do in early stages:

    What do you think?


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    Moderator- can you please move this thread to yhe correct forum? Hardware discussion or open source development. Thanks.

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    it's like a 3d live version of GTA. crazy!

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    Hmm, I am actually looking at doing something like this so this would work great for me...

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    yay cool can i steal the idea lol i have programmer just perfect to do this I will pretend im not in USA and that do not know anything about patents Seeing car like that would make it so much easier to race in traffic
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