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Thread: lane keeper

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    Quote Originally Posted by tempgp View Post
    chip looks good OpenCV is probably easier to integrate or even bettor Mitov video lab (you need 4 lines of code for tracking)
    Mitov is a paid for product but looks like a nice product.. Expensive but nice.

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    oh no! they made it paid year ago almost all their product were free that's a pity... i hope i have old installers in backups somewhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by redheadedrod View Post
    Hmm, very interesting...

    I was going to build something like this for a project I am working on.. No need to with this...

    I am designing a security application that makes use of Multiple cameras and using something like this would be nice to preserve battery power and the need for a big processor.

    I follow sparkfun religiously to see what cool new gadgets they get every friday. another great source is adafruit as well.
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