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Thread: Looking for additional ideas, CAN, USB, I/O board

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    Looking for additional ideas, CAN, USB, I/O board

    Hello everyone, I have been working on the hardware side of a project for a few weeks now, and I am about to order the Version 1 PCB to build and test the circuit.

    My hardware capabilites are the following:
    USB <-> PC,
    Additional engine gauges read and output over CANbus to my ScanGaugeII,
    CANbus sniffer/transiever,
    10x 0-3.3v analog inputs with over-voltage pulse protection,
    -2 of the analog inputs are K-type thermocouple channels with temperature compensation
    9x 12v tolerant digital inputs,
    5x dedicated PWM sinks,
    4x digital sink ouputs,
    4x digital source outputs (selectable 5v and 12v via jumper)

    The orginal intent of this board was to be a simple turbo timer, but it has obviously grown from there.

    I am now working on the software side of the project. When it comes to programming the uC I don't think I will have issues, but my level of PC programming is not as good. I hope to have a decent GUI to change settings on the board over USB, and then also have somesort of plugin that interfaces with RideRunner. I will just keep absorbing all of the information I can till I feel more comfortable with it.

    The biggest hurdle that I can't seem to jump so far is a name for this damn project, I just keep calling it the big board, or mega board, or revision 15... maybe 30 now, I'm not sure anymore.


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    What MCu are you using? Sounds pretty slick.
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