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Thread: Control OVC3860 Bluetooth AVRCP with Arduino and BMW iBus [1st Steps]

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    Control OVC3860 Bluetooth AVRCP with Arduino and BMW iBus [1st Steps]

    Hi Folks

    Some Words:
    My Target is to control the Audio Functions of my Smartphone via Bluetooth in my BMW E39 like a CD Player.

    I searched around some Websites for a good Bluetooth Modul, wich is easy to handle with commands from arduino.
    First i found the BC127. But it's little bit expensive.
    Yesterday i found the OVC3860. And some mounth ago, i bought a BT Audio Dongle.

    So i opened the case, surprise there is inside a OVC3860 and the Pins for RX/TX are easy to use.

    I connected the Dongle to a UART CP210x Dongle and programmed a small VB6 Tool for first Test.
    Because it needs some time, till i get my arduino.

    Name:  dmzMusic.png
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    Name:  BT_DONGLE_OVC3860_01.jpg
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    Name:  OVC3860 AVRCP Tool 01.png
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    Buddy please release this when you are finished! This is beautiful work. Would be great to interface this with Riderunner!

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    a Riderunner Plugin should be not a problem.
    you will need a line in audio jack, to get the audio signal in your pc.
    the difficult thing is the reconnect.
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    Cf plugin too? Pretty cheap hardware.and easy way to get frontend controlled audio streaming.i like it and im sure ive got one of those BT dongle here somwhere?
    How is your audio quality with it as mine was quite dirty..

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    The Audio Quality is good.

    A Solution for the Reconnect could be the RTS Channel of the UART Chip. But this will need to add few electronic components.
    It is possible to turn off the unit with a command. but turning on is works only after power reset.

    I never programmed a CF Plugin.

    It is also possible to control phone functions. but you only can hear the incoming audio. it's not possible for me, to add a mic.
    a alternative solution could be such a device:
    Name:  OVC3860.png
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    I did a new test by connecting the audio on my notebook mic/line in port.
    i got a bad dark beep sound inside the audiosignal.
    i think there is a problem with impedance or whatever.

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    Wondering if there has been any movement on this thread... I actually have a hand full of BLK-MD-SPK-05 modules with breakout boards and am contemplating putting together a library to interface it with Arduino. (I have a project based around Teensy 3.0 , but want to open source it to spread some love) I have scoured the interwebs and found as much documentation as I think is out there, including a roughly translated AT command set. My goal would be to control phone (audio, calls, etc) remotely from arduino and an oled screen via AVRCP. Was that AVRCP appilcation pictured above ever published? I would be willing to write something similar in c# too if it helps me explore some of the functionality.
    I just got a small batch of breakout boards for this module and am offloading what I wont need on Ebay...

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    i had problems to get two software serial working on arduino.
    the first pin 8,9 for ibus was ok. but not really the best.
    sometimes i got mistakes by sending messages out to the ibus.
    to get a second softserial working for the ovc3860 was not possible.

    the next problem is a noisy beep when i connect the device on my riderunner laptop.

    i did a lot of tests. but than i came to the point wtf.
    the components lie in the living room, but i don't have motivation to continue this.

    whats the ebay item number?
    i don't know why, but ebay links on this board are not working for me.
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    I've already implemented your project both in hardware and software. See a link to github on

    BTW, OVC3860 is not the best solution Now I'm integrating Bluegiga WT32

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    Nice Project
    How much?
    What's better with WT32?

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