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Thread: Need FM Radio module

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    Need FM Radio module

    Hi all,

    I have already setup a carputer.

    It hasn't got a FM radio module. I need a USB FM radio module which is compatible with centrafuse 4.xx and w7 64 bit.

    It must be working properly when the car is moving.

    Can anyone tell me a FM module?

    Thank you

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    You should do a search for the Visteon or DEI HD radio units. They can be controlled by USB but you will likely feed this into your computers audio in and feed that out to your front end. Centrafuse SHOULD control it directly. Since the unit is not made anymore you have to find one but they come up on amazon and ebay all the time. Plus you can look for them for sale on here occasionally. I have 1 of each unit and they are essentially the same unit.

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    So can you share any link of that unit? Any sample one?

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