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Thread: Help building simple shutdown controller

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    Help building simple shutdown controller

    Hi all,

    I am looking at modding a HP Stream 7 into my car.

    I know people have built there own shutdown controllers on here so I am hoping you can help me with mine.

    I have found this one which is feature pact but it is designed to power a full PC on and off so it seems a little excessive for turning a 5V tablet on and off.

    My plan is to remove the push button on the tablet and solder either a header or two wires onto the PCB to connect to the shutdown controller.

    My question is where do I start? I need a shopping list and a wiring diagram I guess.

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    I like to use these smart DC-DC converters, because they provide clean stable voltage, and will turn on/off your PC, and allow you to select a turn off timer to keep the PC on while you make short stops:

    Intelligent DC-DC Converter with USB Interface

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    That should work, I need to find one in the UK to save some shipping cost. I would still be curious on how to build one because a 5V USB hard wired power supply is cheap as chips

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    Just a thought: If you are not running many USB devices then you could also try a good quality 5V 3A vehicle supply/charger ($20 or less), most Phone shops have them. I used one on a recent 2 week trip with a Stream 8 in a Hire car, never missed a beat, I had a charging HUB and a GPS receiver plugged into it.

    Or if you can get a good Wired unit (as you mentioned), then as far as an on/off control for the Stream goes, a really simple circuit like this will work, just replace the solenoid with a miniature 12v relay or electromechanical reed switch. The open contact from the relay or reed switch simply connects across the Stream Power switch.

    The only strange thing here is using 5v from the USB port (or hub) to stop this auto start retriggering once the Tablet has switched on. I'm assuming that you'll be using Software to turn the tablet off.
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