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Thread: Anyone interested in serial controlled Relay/Input card?

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    I somenoe needs 12-15 outputs (A/C control) and more (for doors, windows etc) what can be done?? But the same amount of inputs!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky327
    Im thinking of designing and making a Relay/Input card controlled by sending a command via the serial port. Im not gonna work on it yet but hopefuly when Im all done with the outstanding/overdue project Ill look deeply into it.
    I'm very interested . I've been looking to the kit VM110 .
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    you could also use it to control the remote lead for the antenna, use it to pop the trunk, etc. i like the idea, sign me up.

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    If you need any help, I have done a bit with sending serial commands to PICs, 18 series and 16 series. It wouldnt really be that difficult. The code I just finished recieves about 15 different commands via RS232 using standard 9600,8,N. But I could easily do 57K or higher...
    What chip do you plan on using? If you go with a PIC I would recommend a 16F88, 16F628 (no A/D), 18F1320 for a low pin count, or it you want a ton of IO you could go toward a 16F877, 18F452, 18F458. The last 2 will get expensive though, but then you can go real crazy and include SPI and CAN communication
    I also have code worked out for temperature reading, thats no prob...

    The circuitry should not be too difficult...

    You could also get a UART USB bridge to make it psudo-usb...

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    Ive been lookin for somethin like this to start phase two of Project: Waste Money On My Car. I'd go for one definately

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    Seems like alot are interested in the project

    The plan is to make it purely for carPC and getting it to read too many inputs may make it uneccessary expensive. I see some poeple may want more than 8 relays or more than 4 analog inputs. Trying to make everyone happy is kinda hard so Ill try and make it uprgadable. Each card have its own ID up to 4 cards can be connected together.


    Thanks for offering a hand

    I have pushed the PIC at 115200 baudrate for another project. I guess the speed is just a matter of taste at the moment...havent decided on it yet. The analog reading may require a much higher update, a 5-10Hz update may be good enough...we will see. The PIC is to be coded is ASM, its painful but it feels good when it works

    The PIC I wanna use? not so sure yet. I deally I want to use the one with just enough port to satisfy the spec so no other IC to play around with therefore simplifying the design. Im looking at PIC16F73 it has 22 x I/O, 5 x 8-Bit ADC, and 1 x USART I think its more than enough for most applications...not so sure on it yet, it must be a flash device as well.

    Although it can be made cheaper but I as I said I want to simplify the design to a single chip design + the usual MAX232, the 5V regulator and the relay drivers. So anyone in this board shouldnt have much problem building one. No SMD components either, unless theres enough demand for a much smaller footprint.

    Ill sure consult you if I run into problems

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    Mass producing it? Ill probably go for 16C745. This one is OTP, USB port, 22 I/O and 5 8-bit ADC.

    Just perfect for the application. Obviously I wont use this for development. I wish microchip make a flash version of this though

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    mscar, thanks for the link. I have looked at it but obviously I need something alot bigger than that

    I somenoe needs 12-15 outputs (A/C control) and more (for doors, windows etc) what can be done?? But the same amount of inputs!!!

    I can push it to 12 Relays, 5 Digital inputs and 3 analog inputs.

    The problem is many poeple want it more or less tailored made so I think its better if I make 3 different boards with different port configurations, together with the right firmware of course.

    But for now...Ill stick to the original plan to get the ball rolling and take it from there

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    ok. serial port seems better than parallel and usb. if you have a PDA, you can use the serial port to do input and outputs. i am not sure if any pda supports usb port. imagine you and a pda and carputer in your car, you can use them to do differnet task.

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