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Thread: Auto activate backup camera

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    I was under the assumption that for the autodetect to work, you had to plug the camera to line 2. I don't have a xenarc yet, so I can't test it for sure. But here is a link talking about the camera being hooked up to line 2. Link

    I hope this helps.

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    I don't have one either but i think there is a problem with your screen. I saw a vid before of it switching to AV1 automatically.

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    ^^^Yeah on the second page of the link I provided, there is a video of the screen switching.

    He had the camera hooked up to AV2.

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    thanks guys....found out i had to manually push the aux button to line-2 to get it to work. i didnt have the remote and i installed the screen in the dash without access to the buttons since i wanted a clean screen look.

    geez i looked everywhere for my remote with no luck. had to remove the front bezel and push the button.

    i guess after you install everything you have to manually change lines first for the xenarc to start to auto detect.

    thanks again.

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    bandito, I'm about to do this also and wanted to find out if I'm getting this correclty.

    RU saying that once you connect the camera to line-2 hook it up to the break lights you have to manually press AUX to see the reverse cam? Then you stated that you had to change lines first for the xenarc to start to auto detect. RU saying that once you push AUX once you don't have to do it again?


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    out of curiousity, why not find a mechanical means other than a software one to switch, like a photocell under the shifter or even a touch sensor based design?
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    Using the on-screen menu, there is an option for AV2 first (or something like that...I am not near my car so I can't really check). Selecting this option will make the monitor switch to the AV2 source automatically when it senses a signal.

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