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Thread: Custom cable makeing

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    Custom cable makeing

    I have a project that needs a custom cable. Can anyone help?

    The cable is an internal laptop extension cable. From the mainboard to the lcd.

    I want to make a snap on cable replacement, or extension (please do not reply and tell me to solder the connections, it's not an option for this project).

    The terminals are so very small, the average person may need to use a magnifying lens to work with the wires and crimping.

    I tried this on my own with no success. MOLEX wants $1.1k for the hand-crimp tool, so I bought a 3-rd party tool (cheap) with no luck. I have the parts, which are tiny.

    The terminals are 32 awg. The wire about as thin as horse hair (dont have dimensions in front of me but I can look up l8r).

    I am looking for some links or contacts in this type of business who can steer me to a cable fabricator, with the proper tools - I can hire to make a few test cables.
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    well I make damn custom cables about every day at work and I hate it. But they tell me I'm good at what I do. Anyway, what do you have in mind, pictures?, part numbers, data sheet? Maybe I can help you out for a small fee

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    radio shack can get you allkind of wire configurations and connectors

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