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Thread: serial port switch input

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    serial port switch input

    i have just installed my carputer in my 97 grand cherokee, and it has buttons on the sterring wheel for volume up down, and prev/next track, i have all the wiring to the computer for these switches, but i need a program that can see momentary switches on the serial port and convert them to keyboard presses so i can map them to mediaengine. is there anything like that out there?

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    I don't know...maybe hack a serial or even usb keypad and assign the buttons?

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    Maybe girder Also, search for I-BUS stuff... there's a guy who did some nice stuff with it. I beleive it was serial.

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    Does it have to be serial? An easy option would be to wire it up to a keyboard controller (PS2 or USB), and you won't need a program at all.

    If it has to be serial, and you can't find any existing software to do what you want, PM me and I can write up some code to do what you want. I might require a bit of bribing though

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    I am using a serial port to recieve momentary switch input using girder with the serial switch plugin.

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    This should do the trick. The girder solution is better IMHO, highly recommeneded.

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