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Thread: Trunk Popper into Car Starter

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    Got it working!
    Wired up according to my previous image. I didn't use any diodes - partly because of lazyness, partly because the starter manual didn't have one listed in its wiring diagram. I hope the feedback won't cause any problems (knock on wood).

    I used this relay: Radio Shack 275-241
    Small sucker! I have it floating free in my case right now, but will eventually secure it. The 18 guage wires I used are more than enough to hold the thing suspended in mid air!

    Anyway, I hold the AUX on my keyfob for 5 seconds, and it triggers the power switch on the motherboard for around 2 seconds. Works for turing on and off. Configured windows to hibernate when the power button is pressed. Seems to work pretty well. Thanks again for your help!
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    nice work man

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