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Thread: temperature sensors

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    I know this thread is a little old, but I'm trying to do the same thing. Momanz - if you're still around - where did you get the MAX chip, the adapter, and the thermistors?


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    Use one DS18B20,one Pic uP,its easy....
    One link for make home made one hardware:


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    Dan, I got the chip from maxim as a sample. The adapter came from the link below and the sensor is actually a transistor (2N3904 NPN) not a thirmistor. The transistor is a fairly common one that you can find at most electronics stores or you can order them from shipping is under $2 for most orders.

    adapter ==>

    If you've ever etched a cu board to create a custom PCB you don't need to buy the adapter. Be sure to use the staples inkjet paper as your transfer media. Search, there's a link somewhere on the site that will take you to a step by step instructions on etching cu boards.

    Good luck.

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    Bah every one has to go writing there code in picbasic. Tisk Tisk are there no people out there that like ASM? At any rate I don't think I will have any problems writing some asm to make the sensor. If any one is interested I will release source when I'm done.

    I'm also going to see about using some of the A/D converters on the 16f88 to suport a few thermoresisters (they can handle very high temps) for monitoring exhast temps.

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