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Thread: CD-ROM to motorized LCD mod

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    CD-ROM to motorized LCD mod

    Once, long ago, I read a story of someone modding a CD-ROM drive, ripping out the motor and using it to motorize a LCD screen. Simply push the button on the drive and out pops a LCD screen. Whether or not the project materialized or not is a different story, and this was several years back. Unfortunately a search on google hasn't brought anything but already motorized LCDs.

    My question: Is it feasible (Is the motor powerful enough) to mod a CD drive and use it to crank out a 7" fairly lightweight LCD screen? It'd be an awesome mod I think.

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    It can be done, but I don't know how long it will work. I saw on a different forum where some one used a cd rom to move a smaller lcd in a computer case. I think the asnwer seems that it will work, but the cd rom may not be strong encough to move the screen well as you like. Do a search with 'cd rom lcd' or 'cd rom screen' you'll find a few threads on this topic that may help you more.
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    i'm more of a lurker on here but maybe i'll help just this once here ya go:

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    Using RC servos instead of CD-Rom motors:

    Best way to make a 'flip up' monitor?
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