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Thread: Audio Connections?

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    Audio Connections?

    I am looking at adding some audio inputs to a custom panel near the front of my vehicle. I found this at digikey, but have no idea which to get. I would like a regular stereo audio input, like a headphone type jack. Also, if I wanted one stereo RCA jacks, how should i do that?

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    I would suggest you start by choosing what connection you want, then you can select the proper connectors.

    its all a matter of preferences.

    I myself like the headset connectors, but some other prefer custom-made. Its very different from one another.

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    Yea... I am going to have one headset connector for extending the audio input from my motherboard and one rca setup for my Xenarc. I was thinking of having a stereo rca audio connection visible with a device that would switch it to headset. Either that or just have a cable that converts from headset to rca, which i already have.

    Main issue is what type of audio headset connector to get

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    You want fig. 69, part number cp-63516-nd for running a mini jack type headphone plug (3.5mm)

    I don't see any 1/4" panel mount sockets there, these are the larger connections. I would try and source high quality sockets, as the time that is taken in wiring up a socket is much more than the value of even an expensive socket.

    1/4" is also more robust if you use quality components. I think Neutrik do some nice locking jack sockets. Check this out Jacks / Locking 1/4" Chassis Jacks - Mates with all mono or stereo plugs specified to EIA RS 453 dimensionally compatible with D-series.

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