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Thread: HU Quality AM/FM RDS/RBDS Radio with Features

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    A very comparable size to the D-Link.

    I think thats where the comparison ends.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by rando
    That's not a knob. It's a standard automotive antenna (aka Motorola) recepticle.
    Correction ... it's actually a fuse holder. The antenna connection (as shown) is just a solder point next to the power connector -- which by the way does not appear to be a standard 4 pin molex.

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    Can I have one yet?

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    I think they should be sold in accordance to who has been on the forums the longest

    Ohhh and thanks to everybody who sent me their's amazing that people you've never met can be so friendly and understanding. Cheers guys!
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    hey .... if you want to build one of these and sell it to me, I'll pay a pretty penny.

    I've gone through so many craptastic USB FM tuners, I'm about to pull my hair out!!$!#%%#

    PM me if you're interested LOL!! I'm serious -- finished product or not, as long as I can tune RADIO!!!

    and i'll test the heck out of it for ya, i'm in the States, and i read you need some testing over here

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    Ahh, you finaly came to your senses.

    Have patients. Things are moving along nicely.

    As far as i know it still hasn't been tested while moving. That is the main thing. AM and RDS and USB are all extras to me.
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    same here. just give me HU quality fm reception and you will have a definite customer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antimatter
    Have patients. Things are moving along nicely.
    We're not doctors, man.....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Hi guys

    It's time for a little update regarding our status. We decided to split our project into two sections. The first (main project) will be the one you already know and saw in this thread. Responsible for that one will be racemier and it will be soon available to the public (btw the reception quality has been confirmed so we're a go ). The second (follow-up project) will be our open source project. Soon we will create a new thread for it. There we will discuss all the design parameters, post schematics, build info, code etc. That project will be more flexible and DIY friendly (but will have some certain drawbacks compared to the primary unit design). Responsible for the follow up project will be rando and I.
    We made this move (project split) in order to overcome any potential design theft from anyone. Having a complete unit available ASAP and another one easy for anyone to build will leave no choice to anyone to steal our work and make you pay more than you really have to (parts).
    We believe it's the best solution but we're open for discussion. Tell us what you think.


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