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Thread: HU Quality AM/FM RDS/RBDS Radio with Features

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    rds its not only showing infos. rds is also used for TA - tune automatic to alternative frequencies. also tmc data is transmitted over rds. so rds is for me a MUST for in-car use mainly ´because i don't want to tune my radiostation manual when the reception gets bad.

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    Has anyone considered integrating this module?

    It's made by RadioScape and is intended to be integrated with mobile devices to tune AM, FM, DAB, DRM, RDS, etc. The spec shows that it has USB, I2C, and S/PDIF interfaces. It also states that it's designed to be controlled either by a PC or C.

    Looks like someone's already solved the problem.

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    Reading the info in the link, it doesn't look like it supports RDS but otherwise seems promising.
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    i think it does,
    take a look at the 2nd site on the RF Parameters. in the FM section the headline is "FM (with RDS) Operation", so it should have rds
    it looks very interesting at all. do you know something about the prices???

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    the key thing is: can someone obtain a reasonable quantity??? (something less than 100 units, upto 5units purchasing at a time or something for hobbyists)

    it is probably not very likely that they would sell eagerly to hobbyists at these quantities, but if they do then I guess we are on to yet aanother alternatrive...

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    I had a dream last night. In this dream I was listening to the radio on my carpc. Of course, it was only a dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLlama
    I had a dream last night. In this dream I was listening to the radio on my carpc. Of course, it was only a dream.
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    Dream no more?

    Order now for about 200 euro (delivered)

    A bit pricey and comes in from Germany, but for double the price, you can get this from the down under.

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    So does Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) work everywhere in Europe, or just Germany?

    Can DAB/DVB stations be received on a DRM radio?

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    Having looked at the application programming interface (API) for the Digital World Traveller radio, it does not appear to provide any access to RDS or data functions. It is not clear from the product data sheet whether the radio actually supports RDS in FM (essential in a car IMO), but it does seem that their supplied app has some DRM data capability. Since the channel decoding seems to be done on the PC, it is presumably possible to access the data given an API.

    So, this looks like a possible solution, but needs more s/w support. It is expensive, but at least it's available.

    The WinRadio is really expensive (particularly for an FM-capable USB version), does not obviously support RDS and relies on the power of the PC (and the audio card) to do much of the demodulation. One would need to be sure that an EPIA motherboard would have the grunt necessary for this. Winradios seem to be aimed mainly at the amateur radio fraternity.


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