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see..... i am going to control my HVAC controls using my carputer but since its vacuum controlled the only way i can think of is use high torque servos and wire them into a controller and make a little program in VB that has the actual vent symbols and temp select and it will tell it to turn the knobs a few degrees.What do u think?

I am currently using stepper motors and a controller - I built a frame for the OEM controls and a plate to hold the stepper motors with the shafts facing the knobs (the knobs are removed to show the keyed shafts on the controls) and I made a sleeve that I drilled and tapped on both ends for set screws to lock on the shafts.

I wrote a quick program in VB to adjust everything.

I'd like to hear more about the vac actuators. Unfortunately, the whole HVAC controls in my car are not vacuum actuated. I'll have to do a search on it.

- Jeff