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Thread: Hooking up an FM transmitter to Power Supply

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    Hooking up an FM transmitter to Power Supply

    I have an FM wireless transmitter that I got from RadioShack (link below) and I want to be able to modify it so that I can power the DC power adapter by hooking it up to the PS.

    What wires do I want to connect this too in order to give it juice?

    Anyone done this? Anyone hooked up neons to a PS? What the best way to have this turn on with the PC?

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    Never tried to wire in a FM transmitter, but I doubt it is any different than other things. You need to find out what the input voltage is for the actual transmitter, which would be the output voltage for the cig. adapter. After that, just need to wire into a HD molex connector, using either 12v (yellow) or 5v (red) and then the ground.

    I did this with my Xenarc monitor power. Hope that helps

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    Read the writing on the adapter, where it plugs into the lighter. Cut the end off and strip the 2 wires. Then depending on the voltage connect them to the computers molex. Get a multi meter and learn to use it. They are very handy.
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    I used that product with my old MP3 player and it worked really well for the size of the thing. It is a simple 12V input that you can tap off your PC power supply. I ran a Molex connetor out of the case that had two 12V pins and two Ground pins. Two pins power my Xenarc and the other two pins power my Direct XM box. Works like a charm! The only other power connection I have externally is a 5V+ to a USB hub.

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