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Thread: V1 disassembly

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    Here in France, with some friends of me, we have already a little bit worked on this...
    And the results is : IMPOSSIBLE...
    It's a one-block part....

    Always about this, here is what a friend, technician in laser jammer technology, answered me about this :
    "Separating V1s antennas would be like separating Siamese twins . I can
    tell you already that you don't want to do that! Probably inside there are
    joint receiver parts which server both front and rear antenna so if you were
    to separate systems you would have to replace some parts on one side."

    I've already wrote a letter to Valentine support to ask them about this possibility, and they just answered me : No, It's not possible, no way...

    here are the pics :



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    wow, i never knew it was one peice of metal. So much for that idea.

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    the openings in the back and the front, I am guessing, have to have specific parameters to work properly, just trying to make them bigger wouldn't necessary help, unless you did it to the proper specifications.

    It would probably be conceivable that you could relocate the laser sensor.

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