I have a k7vm2 MB .. I was re-wiring my gps to the outside and had to reroute some other things.. and to make a long story short in the process my on-board video appears dead..

my I figured "no big deal I was gonna throw in a better agp card anyway. " .. well I can't even get that to work.. and usually I thought there was a shutoff jumper for the on-board agp .. there is an option for it in the bios.. but too bad I can't get to that .

ohh and the best part it still boots and plays music.. I thought it was just my screen at first but I've tried on 2 CRT's in my garage ..

http://www.asrock.com/Drivers/Manual...M/K7VM2_UM.pdf here is the manual .. I hope somene can help.. I love the board cus it's nice and small..